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Sep 30, 2009


Creative photographer Paco Peregrín has recently collaborated with stylists Kattaca and makeup artist Lewis Amarante on an amazing, alien and smart beauty story for Avenue Illustrated magazine.


'Alien Beauty' explores the beauty of the individuality through an impossible and creative aesthetic. Paco Peregrín approaches the extraterrestrial aesthetic from his exquisite, delicate and spectacular point of view.

Paco's work with its distinct character of hybridization of styles provide for a sensual, elegant and mysterious, even perturbing character - "trying to interrelate the point of view of the traditional spectator of works of art with the most generic public of the mass-media".

Photography Paco Peregrín Stylist Kattaca Hair & Makeup Lewis (Bigggmonkeyteam) for Max Factor Digital Artist Paco Peregrín Model Nadia Kloet (Delphoss) Fashion Burberry Prorsum, Dsquared2, Armand Basi One, Frankie Morello, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Alain Mikli, Armand Basi, Amaya Arzuaga, Topshop, Yono Taola, It-Spain, MONIC, La Planta Cactacea, Carmen Hernán

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