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Jun 18, 2009


When Warwick was born in South Africa in 1972 I was there. I saw him take his first shaky steps and watched his first wobbly bicycle ride.

I yelled encouragement from the sidelines of the rugby field and I've watched him row for all he was worth in the school team. I have seen him perched like a crane and fighting like a tiger in his Kung Fu class. I've been moved listening to him play classical guitar.

I gave him his first real camera and have seen where his passion has taken him...

As his mother, there is no-one better qualified to write his biography than me.

From an early age Warwick was exposed to creative imagery. His father, Kenny Saint, was the founder and Creative Director of Grapplegroup, the most innovative Graphic Design Studio in South Africa. Warwick spent many hours by his side, developing an eye for style, color and form.

I was a model and would often take Warwick with me on my photo shoots. He was practically brought up in a photographic studio and who knows... in these happy, hippy days was probably even conceived in one!

We often appeared together in fashion and advertising shoots and at nine months he made his first front cover.

In 1976 we went to live in Sweden with my partner, a photographer whose imaginative and inventive lifestyle inspired young Warwick.

Four years later, at the age of 7, he returned to South Africa, where his innate love of the African bush and his early appreciation of its beauty was the formation of his unique ability to capture the brilliant images he now creates.

He attended St. Stithian's College, a prestigious boys high school.

He headed up the Photographic Society and judiciously used his privileged access to the darkroom by smuggling in his girlfriends. Here he spent many hours developing and perfecting his prints ... and other skills...

In '89, during Warwick's final school year, his father was tragically killed in a car accident. This affected Warwick profoundly by strengthening his ambition and desire to uphold his father's reputation as one of South Africa's most famous Creatives.

In '94 he graduated with BA Honors in Art History and Philosophy.

Now, free to pursue his passion, he left South Africa for London. The next four years were spent assisting photographers, trying to learn everything he could from the likes of Nadav Kander and others.

In 1999 his break came from Dutch magazine to shoot 'Elephant Boy.' This put him on the map and a few months later he moved to New York. Since then he has been commissioned to shoot some of the most prestigious advertising campaigns and famous people in the world.

He currently lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful wife Patricia.

Photography Courtesy Warwick Saint Acknowledgment Warwick Saint, Ray Brown at Ray Brown

Jun 3, 2009
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